This Is How Drinking A Cold One Just Got Better!

It’s not rocket science, ¬†cold beer is better. The worse thing about Summer days is drinking a cold beer, that turns warm within minutes. You aren’t forced to drink warm beer. Try a BottleKeeper. It’s the ultimate koozie for your bottled beer.
BottleKeeper2An insulated stainless steel bottle that fits your beer bottle perfectly. There are 3 BottleKeeper sizes especially for your favorite beers. Lined with neoprene, it keeps the beer cool as well as safe from spills and falls. Makes it safe around pools, parks, beaches and other outdoor areas. Perfect for tailgaiting, bbq’s, pool parties or just around the house. The BottleKeeper comes in 3 sizes to fit your favorite beers and 5 colors. Choose what’s best for your and your beer. BottleKeeper is available for the 12 oz standard bottles, the 12 oz stubby and the 22 oz bombers. Pick your size, slide your beer into the lined neoprene sleeve, twist the bottom for padded protection and enjoy!

Purchase your own BottleKeeper and you won’t have to worry about warm beer again!

Melanie M

Originally from San Diego now in Las Vegas. A Family girl. Mom of 2. Wife. Friend. Blogger. Foodie. Staying Fit. Craft beers. Sun. Sand. Water.

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