5 Reasons That Are Causing Everyone To Love Craft Beer

Variety of Craft Beers

Can craft beers be good for you? Why of course!

  1. Craft beer tastes great.

The quality of ingredients makes it a great beer. It’s more than just a mass produced “beer water”. Craft breweries have over 30 different malted barley and over 1000 different hops used and no added sugars which separates them from the non-craft breweries. Craft breweries use more whole food ingredients.

  1. Healthier

Craft beer has vitamin B, minerals, flavonoids probiotics soluble fiber and the hops has antioxidants. It also has more nutrients than that of some red wines. Craft beer can lower risk of coronary heart disease and helps produce good cholesterol. It can lower risk of kidney stones. It is said 40% lower risk of kidney stones in beer drinkers. It used to be that milk helps your bones. Well it’s not the only thing. Because craft beer contains silicon, it can help build strong bones. Studies suggest beer drinking may help fight osteoporosis.

  1. Fewer carbs and less calories

Because the beers are so flavorful, you don’t consume as much, drinking less. You will drink fewer beers because they taste better and are much stronger. Moderation is key. Dark brews have anti-oxidants . Dark colored stouts have less calories than regular beers.

  1. Cheaper

With craft beer being more flavorful and satisfying which means you spend less money

  1. Goes well with great food

Like with wine, the range of complex flavors found in craft beers can make food pairings just as flavorful as it is with food and wine.

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