OpenMike Creates A New Can That Will Increase Your Enjoyment Of Beer

What is an OpenMike can? Mike Hess Brewing had a genius idea of being able to enjoy a beer wherever you go. The simple pull tab removes the entire top end of the can, effectively turning the can into an pint size glass. This feature enables a perfect full body experience, for flavor and convenience. No Glass Needed! Mike Hess crafted the beers in a can for the simple reason, it best fits our lifestyle.

Cans go many places where bottles are prohibited—golf courses, beaches, parks, hiking trails, and swimming pools, to name a few. And when we are in one of these great environments, the last thing we want (and we are guessing the last thing you want, too) is a bland beer.” -Mike Hess

MH_445x791The breakthrough design cans ends are fully recyclable and better for the environment than glass. As an added bonus, OpenMike™ can ends use 10% less aluminum than other ends, so the switch also helps MHB’s overall sustainability initiative.

I had a chance to try these “OpenMike” cans and I loved it. No red cup needed, no pilsner or glass needed. I was able to enjoy the beer, smell, see and taste it all with the big mouth top.

Mike Hess Brewing is located in San Diego, CA. Mike Hess beers can be found all over Southern California and the greater Phoenix, Arizona. This brewery has produced 26 different beers across 14 different beer styles in 2012.

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