Refreshing Beer Cocktails To Sip Over The Summer

Give your favorite brew a new flavorful twist.

Beer Cocktails are still popular and making its mark in the bar and restaurant scene. The Beer cocktail made its way in a few years ago and still so many new mixes are coming out. We’ve all heard of the classic Snakebite, Michelada, Black Velvet and Irish Car Bomb to name a few. A genuine mix of beer and an alcohol or hard liquor. Many restaurants have a full menu of these concoctions.
The most refreshing one I’ve enjoyed is a beer cocktail called “beer goggles”. I discovered this at Hecho en Vegas at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A mixture of Shocktop, peach vodka, iced tea and agave nectar combined for a sweet and refreshing drink makes it easy to enjoy. My first reaction, a spiked ice tea. It’s so light, and refreshing, it’s almost like drinking a flavored ice tea on a hot day.
Another refreshing drink, how about a beer smoothie? The Honeydew Hefeweizen Smoothie or as I like to call it, The Honey Moon. This honeydew smoothie is a blend of honeydew chunks, vanilla ice cream, Blue Moon and vanilla extract. How could you not want this during a hot summer day? I’ve personally made this several times at home! Source: Adventures cooking
The combination of these beers with a distilled drink is a new way to go. Changing it up while still enjoying your favorite beer can be a perfect mix.  It also allows someone who doesn’t normally drink beers to try it without committing to a whole serving. Sweet and refreshing, these are sure to make its way into many homes. Easy to make and perfect for Summer bbq’s and gatherings.

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