The New Trendy Dessert: Craft Beer Floats


Beer floats, a milkshake whatever you want to call it, it’s a beer and ice cream unity.  The combination of these two classic American favorites have definitely become the new trend. They did it with root beer and it’s been a classic drink for all ages, for years. This mixture just blends together nicely. Let’s just say, it’s an adult root beer float.

Wondering what beers to use for a float? Honestly I have always used stouts or porters. The chocolate malt flavor combined with vanilla, mint or even coffee ice cream gives the float a whole different flavor. You’ll experience full flavors from the stout to the ice cream. The perfect “float” combination for a craft beer lover. Some of my favorites I’ve had are:

Guinness draught, Andes mints, chocolate drizzle

Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout, vanilla ice cream

Young’s Chocolate Stout, vanilla ice cream

Guinness draught, coffee ice cream

Boulder Beer Co Shake Chocolate Porter, vanilla (or coffee) ice cream

If I see a float of any kind on a menu at a restaurant I’m sure to get one, or two! I enjoy making these at home as well. It’s almost like a comforting drink/dessert. I used to think beer and dairy didn’t mix together well. Imagine the smoked flavor of the stouts or chocolate-y flavor from the porters mixed, with the wonderful blend of vanilla. It’s fun to experiment the mix of beers and ice cream flavors. Many times the ice cream will bring out the richness in the beer. Of course you can try a not so bold beer float using pale ale. There’s just something about the beer floats that are fun. The possibilities are endless when it comes to beer floats. Next time you’re feeling daring, try a beer and ice cream together.

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